by Airtight Lloyd Chapin                    

David "Dad" Marshall

David Marshall founded the thought of Airtight MC (ATMC) in 1983. Members were David Marshall, Larry Hildebrand, Terry Smotherman, Lloyd Chapin, Wayne "Bear" Harris, Buddy Kirkwood, and a tagalong Chuck Frost.  David Passed September 29, 1985. In 1991 the club had dwindled to only two active members. Lloyd Chapin and Larry Hildebrand. Larry brought in his son Khan Hildebrand on his 18th birthday and the club was only three members for the next twenty years.

 In 2009 when I turned 65 years old I decided to reform this club for the OLD & mostly retired members of our small club of friends and submitted a request to the Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs and was granted that request, (with conditions). More on this in the coming days and weeks.